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Welcome to the Swimrun International Community Facebook forum, a place to discuss all things related to Swimrun; adventure, training and races. This is a group administered by the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series. We can discuss all things around experiencing swimrun, from newbie to advanced. Our Facebook group is for everyone interested in swimrun, regardless of level or location.

We are here to inspire, empower and connect swimrunners all around the world.

This free Facebook community is a place to for athletes of all levels to connect, share tips, questions, answers, advice, find a partner for a race, make friends, and most importantly, support each other on our journey. Our mission is simple: spread the word about our sport!

The sport is built around very strong values of teamwork and inspiration. Please take that with you into the forum and inspire, motivate and help each other. We will not accept rude and offensive behaviour. Keep the discussions on a mature level and try to look at the benefit for the community in your posts.

Make sure you follow the guidelines, make sure you have fun and most of all, make sure you get out there. Swimrun is even more fun in nature than online.

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With respect,

Michael Lemmel

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