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The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun ranking system is based on results over one year, it is a tool for us to select the teams that apply via ranking to ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship.

Swimrun Ranking gives points to the Top 30 Teams in each category (Men/ Mixed/ Women) and Solos (Men/ Women) that finish ÖTILLÖ World Series races and  ÖTILLÖ Merit races.

Swimrun ranking 2024 (will be available starting in April)

In the process to get more transparent in our selection process for ÖTILLÖ The Swimrun World Championship 2024 we have created a new simplified Ranking system. The Top 30 teams that finish a race in each category (Men/ Mixed/ Women) at ÖTILLÖ World Series events and ÖTILLÖ Merit Races get ranking points.

With these points you can apply for Ranking selection at ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship.

The points are distributed based on the following criteria:

  • Racers get individual ranking points at all ÖTILLÖ World Series team events and ÖTILLÖ Merit Races (long distance only) from January 1st to December 31st (calendar year). No points for Solo’s!
  • Ranking points will be awarded to Top 30 finishers of ÖTILLÖ World Series (WS) and ÖTILLÖ Merit Races (MR) in each category (Men/ Mixed/ Women)
  • Points for ÖTILLÖ World Series Races (WS): 60 for winning team/ athlete
  • Points for ÖTILLÖ Merit Races (MR): 30 for winning team / athlete
  • At WS races points are allocated ranks 1-30 with 2 points difference to the next placed team (1st: 60 pts, 2nd: 58 pts etc.)
  • At MR races points are allocated ranks 1-30 with 1 point difference to the next placed team (1st: 30 pts, 2nd: 29 pts etc.)
  • There will be no more direct qualifications at ÖTILLÖ World Series races or via the ÖTILLÖ Merit Race program in the future.

Note: you can sign up for the WS races without having an ID but only participants that sign up to have an ID will be shown in the ranking.



To clarify all possible unclarities that you might have regarding our new ranking, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How are ranking points collected?

Swimrunners collect points from January 2023 to December 2023 by finishing in the Top 30 of each category (men/women/mixed) at an ÖTILLÖ World Series or an ÖTILLÖ Merit Race TEAM event. The winning teams will earn a maximum of 60 points (ÖTILLÖ World Series) and 30 points (ÖTILLÖ Merit Race) per athlete.

 Why is the ranking individual and not team-based?

Earning points on an individual basis allows you to race with different partners throughout the year and always earn points towards your ÖTILLÖ qualification. Previously, people, who raced with different partners always started from scratch in the ranking with each new partner.

 How does an athlete qualify for ÖTILLÖ in 2024?

At the beginning of 2024, every athlete in the ranking has the chance to apply with a team partner of their choice. We will add all accumulated points of both partners and create an ÖTILLÖ qualification list, which will be the basis for the invitation to participate at ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship 2024.

Are there no direct qualifications for ÖTILLÖ in 2024 anymore?

Besides the podiums of the World Championship in 2023, there will be no direct qualifications for ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship 2024.

 Why are the collected points not appearing in the overall ranking?

Only athletes that used their Swimrun IDs to sign up for the races will be shown in the ranking. If someone does not have a Swimrun ID yet, they can sign up here. If the race organizer does not ask for the ID at registration, the athlete needs to send the ID to the race organizer and all points will be inserted and accumulated by ÖTILLÖ.

What to do if an athlete don’t remember its Swimrun ID?

ÖTILLÖ is happy to assist all swimrunners and let them know their Swimrun IDs (email: [email protected]). It is important that none of the athletes registers for a new ID if they already have one. Athletes with two ID will be shown twice in the ranking.

The partner that I have qualified with can no longer participate in the ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship. Can I sign up with someone else?
There will be a two-week-period from August 11th to August 25th, 2024, where teams are allowed to change their partner under the following conditions:

  • the affected person is sick or injured and is able to provide a medical certificate and
  • the new partner is in the ÖTILLÖ ranking with at least 1 point and
  • the accumulated ranking points of the new team are more than as for the last team before the cut-off.

 Is it still possible to qualify for ÖTILLÖ in 2024?

Yes, swimrunner, who still want to qualify for this year’s World Championship, can apply for a Race Director Choice as in the past.

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