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AUGUST 8TH, 2018

After 13 years of ÖTILLÖ we have seen the need and demand to introduce two new concepts with the purpose to make it easier for teams to participate in ÖTILLÖ races.

Starting with ÖTILLÖ 1000 Lakes 2018 we will at all race weekends going forward have an EXPERIENCE event on the Saturdays. This will be an entry level course between 6 – 8 km which will be open to everyone. It will be the stepping stone into the ÖTILLÖ world.

We will at the same time introduce SOLO starts ÖTILLÖ-style. This means that you can enter the EXPERIENCE or SPRINT as an individual. At the race you will get your swimrun partner from us – an inflatable buoy that you must have with you from start to finish for swim safety.

The purpose for this is to allow persons who do not have partners or who have a partner that is injured or sick to still participate in the ÖTILLÖ experience. Hopefully these solo starters will find someone else in the same situation and come back as a team.

Note very clearly, we will not allow solo entry in to the World Series nor to the World Championship, these races are team races only.


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