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Maurten – Used by athletes to train, progress and repeat

In 2015, Maurten discovered how to make sports fuels easier to tolerate by encapsulating high concentrations of carbohydrates in hydrogels. The sports fuels, based on only natural ingredients, became popular and now some of the world’s best endurance athletes use the products.

Based on only natural ingredients

With the use of hydrogel technology, Maurten has increased the amount of carbohydrates, reduced the risk of gastrointestinal problems, and removed all unnecessary ingredients that don’t aid your performance.

  • Twice the energy – the Drink Mix 320 contains nearly 14 percent – or 80 grams – of carbohydrates when mixed. That’s about twice as much energy ever thought possible in a sports drink.
  • No added flavor – we’re not impressed by artificial flavors. You can tell what you’re getting from the taste of our drink mixes.
  • Clean – no added colorants or preservatives. Our sports fuel contains only natural ingredients. Nothing more and nothing less than what’s needed.

A Swimrunners best friend on course. The GEL: How it works?

The GEL is a hydrogel – a biopolymer matrix that holds carbohydrates. It relies on the same concept as Maurten’s drinks where the hydrogel technology enables a smoother transportation of carbohydrates through the stomach to the intestine where the carbohydrates are absorbed. In the case of Maurten’s drinks, the hydrogel is formed in the acidity of the stomach – but the GEL is a hydrogel formed in production, by combining sodium alginate and calcium carbonate under exact conditions.

Get used to it.

Preparation is key. Even if you have access to the latest technology there are no shortcuts. Science shows that training your gut makes a huge difference. So, make sure you’re prepared – get used to a new way of fueling your body from day one.

Check out Maurten’s range here and get started today!

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