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“To me ÖTILLÖ is Swimrun. It also means loving my job, organizing Swimrun races and creating very nice experiences for our participants.”

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What do you like most about being the race director of the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series?

I like the challenge of designing courses that are inspiring for the racers and trying to make the most of what the nature surroundings offers on each destination. I also love the the planning of the logistic of the race very thorough so that on race day everything runs smoothly. And on race day going around the course encouraging the racers and talking to the volunteers.

Is there any specific trend in Swimrun, we will see in the coming years?

 I can not say that I see any specific trend in the Swimrun. But my hopes are that more people will find the sport and go out and discover the nature in your surroundings where you live and make the perception of the sport that it is a sport for everyone. As long as you can swim and walk/run you can do Swimrun.

Would you describe being a race director at an ÖTILLÖ event a sport itself?

No to that question, but what I really like organizing races is that after a race weekend it feels like you have used your brain to a 110% and almost feeling muscle ache in my brain, that is very nice.

Your sports background and all your passion for endurance sports is incredible. Based on that, would you say you have the best job in the world?

I have always loved endurance sports, racing and being in nature so the part of designing courses and putting on the races is a fantastic job for me. I really love it.

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