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Who are you?

I am an 18 years old athlete and have been in the swimrun community for about 3 years. Still I would say I am in the beginning of discovering what swimrun has to offer, which motivates me:)

We Will soon start with longer races.

How did you get into Swimrun?

In September 2017 I made my swimrun debut at ÖTILLÖ final 15 with my mom, Erika Rosenbaum, who has been a part of the swimrun family more or less since the start. She named the sport Swimrun in 2012 and together we organize the race Swimrun Hellas outside of Stockholm. We ended up in third place first time we raced together and that made me hungry for more.

What do you like most about Swimrun?

Right now it is a sport that my mother and I both train and compete in together, which makes it extra fun and easy to do. I love that it is an outdoor sport and that you really get to feel the nature both during running and swimming. Often in ÖTILLÖ:s races you get to swim with a view. The Swimrun community is also very lovable.

How does Swimrun make you a better person in your everyday life?

Being out in nature, not always enjoying today’s swimrun session and how exhausted I get, makes me, believe it or not, a lot happier afterwards!

If you could choose anyone you want as a partner (nobody you raced with before) for an ÖTILLÖ race, who would it be?

Daniel Adams-Ray, no doubt

What is your favorite meal the night before a race?

A freeze-dried so-called “wilderness stew” from Blå band cooked in an outdoor kitchen next to our tent, BIG recommendation!

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