Swimrun Life #2 2017 – A word from the editor

When I was in Hvar, Croatia; for the kick off to the ÖTILLÖ swimrun season, I popped my head into to hear Michael Lemmel giving a presentation on the history of ÖTILLÖ and the evolution of the sport of swimrun. My jaw dropped when he showed the cover of 220 Triathlon magazine with the headline “The Rise of Swimrun: The New Endurance Race to Rival Ironman?”

Race Directors’ Moment: a screaming start to the season

Only one team is left in the pursuit of one million Swedish Krona, but the boys in the Golden Jersey will be chased yet again by the top world teams at ÖTILLÖ Utö on May 28th. For an extremely intense course like this, the tougher your training conditions the better so that you can be ready for anything.

UTÖ: a tribute to swimrun

In 2013, Mats Skott and Michael Lemmel had more demand for the original ÖTILLÖ event than they could handle so they decided to do a qualifying race in late spring. It was a given that the first qualifier would be on Utö, as a tribute to the origin of swimrun.

ÖTILLÖ Legend #2: Navy Seal Joe

In 2007, a team from Navy Seals in San Diego signed up for “a new swimrunning race in Sweden. They arrived at Stockholm airport directly from a mission at an undisclosed location. Joe had been throwing up the whole flight. The next day, the pair were at the start and went for it.

Meet a World Champion: Kristin Larsson

As one of swimrun’s most exceptional athletes Kristin Larsson is one of a kind having won six swimrun races in 2016 and broken numerous course records. A mom to her three-year-old son, motherhood has not stopped her. In fact it seems to have made her stronger than ever.

Getting a-HEAD with the right swimrun

While everybody knows that swimrun originated in the Stockholm archipelago, it’s less known that the headquarters of HEAD Swimming, which produce swimrun wetsuits, is situated in the town of Rapallo, on the Mediterranean coast of northern Italy.

ÖTILLÖ Merit Race #7 – Solvalla Swimrun

Swimrun came to Finland in 2014 with the Solvalla Swimrun and began with only 16 teams at the full distance start line. Today, three years later, the number of participants has grown to some 100 teams split between sprint and full distance. And a middle distance “Solvalla Swimrun Endurance” was added last year, and provides an excellent opportunity for sprint racers to step up to the next level.

Swimrunners strike a pose

Swimming, running and yoga have more in common than you would think at first, with movements that are synchronised with breathing. Breath awareness from yoga can also greatly benefit a swimrunner. Sinta Soekadarova offers the best yoga poses to improve your range of motion and work on building muscle strength, while increasing flexibility.

Tuning into ÖTILLÖ Islands of Scilly with Zoe Perry

The moment Zoe Perry read the backstory of how ÖTILLÖ started in a pub as a bet, she didn’t need any more convincing. She knew right then and there that the Isles of Scilly would make the perfect swimrun destination.

Leave nothing but footprints

ÖTILLÖ founders Mats Skott and Michael Lemmel have support the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust to ensure that the islands’ natural habitats can be fully explored by swimrun competitors in the least disruptive way to wildlife while still achieving that full island-to-island experience. Don’t miss the #2MinuteBeachClean on June 16.

Swimrun and the Barefoot Transition

At ÖTILLÖ, we know that we can’t conquer nature but we can try to become part of it. Then, and only then, can we be successful as swimrunners. For this reason we believe in having a shoe that not only protects our sensitive feet, but one that’s also thin enough so we can feel the ground we move on. ÖTILLÖ and Vivobarefoot have joined forces to build the best shoe for swimrun and our swimrun lifestyles.

Swim, run, sweat, repeat: what’s your ÖTILLÖ hydration strategy?

Andy Blow founded Precision Hydration in 2011 after learning he had a higher than average amount of sodium in his sweat, which was impacting his performance. Turns out it’s important to personalise your hydration strategy and that typical electrolyte drink out there just doesn’t cut it.

In the swim with Mikael Rosén, the Rain Man of swimming

Mikael Rosén – aka the Rain Man of swimming – is obsessed. When he’s not running a training camp, he’s posting daily motivational pics and videos to his 9,000 followers on Instagram. His book on open water swimming is being translated into English.

Video of the month: ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Hvar 2017

The first ÖTILLÖ in Croatia took place April 1-2, with a sprint on Saturday and full-distance race the following day. It was an extraordinary weekend between a challenging swimrun, a beautiful location the people of the town of Hvar.

Putting ÖTILLÖ INCroatia: Meet the man behind the destination

For Ivan Verunica, CEO of INCroatia the sport of swimrun and the spectacular mountainous coast along the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea are “a match made in heaven”. He contacted Michael Lemmel and Mats Skott suggesting Croatia as a unique spot to race across the island’s history, beauty and stunning nature.

Blog of the Month: ÖTILLÖ Hvar

After taling on Jugo in Hvar, Thomas Schreven writes “it’s not necessarily the strongest runner or swimmer who make it to the finish line but those who manage to adapt to change most effectively”.

The Quest for the Holy Trail: Joakim Axelsson goes for ÖTILLÖ number #10

Swimrun World Champion Joakim Axelsson has finished 8 out of 9 ÖTILLÖ races. As he looks for race number 10, he shares a few favourite race moments and tips for training.

How to qualify for the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship

As the popularity of the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship has exceeded our expectations, we’ve had to implement a few steps, including the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Ranking System and, new this year, the Swimrun ID, to give everyone a shot at a spot while trying to ensure we have the right mix of teams at the start line.

Adventures in Swimrun: The Calanques, France

François-Xavier Li, better known as “Fix”, founded Swimrun France along with Jean-Marie “Akuna Matata” Gueye. Together they promote the sport, supporting other swimrun start-ups and offering free advice.

Photo Pick: Talk about an Evolution

Jakob Edholm spends a lot of time underwater during swimrun events. “You should feel as if you were in the race yourself if you’re looking for the perfect image.”

ÖTILLÖ Merit race #6 – Stockholm Swimrun

Have you ever finished a swimrun that’s only a 15-minute walk from the subway? There aren’t many races where you can sightsee and race on the same day. Read about Stockholm Swimrun.

Making Waves: ÖTILLÖ races in headlines around the world

Read what The Telegraph had to say about swimrun and ÖTILLÖ

Bonus Blog of the Month: Mother nature is the boss

The 15km introduction Hvar ‘Sprint’ was harder than it had ever been: choppy seas, gallons of water ingested and more vertical feet under the Adriatic sun than I could count… and I was strapped to my buddy Jack who turned out to be an even worse swimmer than yours truly (aka The Sinker)…

ÖTILLÖ Merit Race #5 – Côte Vermeille

Brave the elements of one of the most beautiful landscapes in Southern France with the Côte Vermeille, the country’s first swimrun, with four possible distances ranging from short to Ultra, plus a kids’ race.

ÖTILLÖ Merit Race #4 – Swimrun Costa Brava

Spain’s first swimrun is a real beauty, where swimrunners will encounter a mixture of rugged cliffs, small sandy beaches and friendly coastal towns.

International partners
  • Vivo Barefoot
  • ARK Swimrun
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International partners
  • Vivo Barefoot
  • ARK Swimrun
  • Mr Green