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By Nancy Heslin

Around Gothenburg and on the Swedish West Coast there are lots of things to do.

At the bottom of this article you will find several links with fun activities while you are on the Swedish West Coast, all of them travel reasons of their own. Maybe it can be something you fit in while traveling for ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Gothenburg on August 7th?

For some people setting up dream goals, making the plans to make the dream goals reality and then realizing them is what gives life that extra spice.

Meet the awesome women behind the Fyrtillfyr Swimrun, a mega adventure on the Swedish West Coast.

Swim4Fun goes lighthouse to lighthouse

For Maria Möller and Josefine Fast, swimrun has completely changed their lives. Also known as Swim4Fun (if you have not yet checked out their Instagram, do so), this women’s team has been racing together since 2014. “Swimrun has become a lifestyle, training with movement and exploring the land and sea,” shares Maria.

Throughout Covid, the duo have kept up with training although “in a more restricted way” with pools being closed and large group gatherings not permitted. Maria says, “The lack of competitions made us focus less on performance. Instead, we kept up with the training so we could do other swimrun adventures and experiences like the Bohusleden.” Running from Lindome in the south (at the Halland border) to Strömstad in the north, the Bohusleden Trail is 27 sections over 340 kilometres of trails and wild scenery.

On August 7, Maria and Josefine are competing in the new ÖTILLÖ Gothenburg World Series race, what they describe as “a real island-to-island course”, and although they have no other official races lined up, they created the FyrtillFyr (lighthouse to lighthouse) swimrun challenge from Nordkoster to Vinga on Sweden’s west coast over three long weekends this summer. In total, there are nine sections, each consisting of a swimrun between 28 to 33 kilometres, offering a mixed bag of conditions in and out of the water. (See distances and schedule below.)

They have now completed seven out of nine sections, with the remaining stages – Marstrand to Vinga (37 km including 14 km of swimming) – scheduled for the August 21-22 weekend.

“So far, the swimrun experience has been awesome,” Maria describes. “It is just as swimrun should be: feeling one with all kinds of nature and with no obstacles, running over beautiful rocks along the sea, in the woods, in the swamps and bushes and with weather that you cannot do anything about – it just is what it is.”

She adds, “We have been lucky to be injury-free. It has also been very valuable to have people helping us with security boats in more exposed places and providing Swedish fika!”

Since first meeting Maria and Josefine at Engadin in 2017, the women’s division has truly developed both in terms of the number of teams entering and the level of competition. “The women in swimrun are getting stronger and stronger, even challenging the other divisions. We are supportive of each other and, for us, we have made so many new friends. Together we are doing amazing stuff, like the FyrtillFyr swimrun.”

June 10-13 – 4 stages

Stage 1: Nordkoster to Resö, 30 km including 6 km of swimming
The stage started on fantastic Koster and via Nord-och Sydkoster into the Koster archipelago. The big challenge on the stage was to cross the deep and challenging Kosterfjorden with a swim of about 3 km from Ramsö towards Rossö. The finish was less exposed and more focused on running.

Overnight stay at Resö hostel.

Stage 2: Resö to Tanumstrand, 28 km incl. 5 km swimming
The stage started calmly from Resö and on to the beautiful nature reserve Trossö-Kalvö-Lindö with a cozy gravel road before we made our way over the legendary and vulnerable Tjurpannan via Havstensund. Wavy passage along the Bohus coast. The running was magical on the barren cliffs and then we headed out onto the islands of Pinnö and Otterön before the stage ended on lovely Tanumstrand.

Overnight stay at TanumStrand  by the Sea

Stage 3: Tanumstrand to Bovallstrand, 33 km incl. 4.5 km swimming
The stage starts calmly on the mainland before heading out into the protected Fjällbacka archipelago. Halfway through the stage, Hamburgsund and Hamburgö are visited before Jakobsö, Hornö and Dannemarken further out in the coastal band await. It ends more calmly via the nature reserve Valön before the ending at the destination  Bovallstrand.

Overnight in Bovallstrand

Stage 4: Bovallstrand to Hållö, 25 km incl 3.5-4 km swimming
The stage started in the same way as the strand to beach competition, but instead of making it via the mainland to Hunnebostrand at Ulebergshamn, we chose the islands to get on to the fantastic nature reserve Ramsvikslandet. Long run on lovely rocky outcrops before more mixed running and swimming outside Väjern we made our way to Smögen. The stage then ended at a classic lighthouse along the coast, namely Hållö.

July 8-11 – 3 sections

Overnight Stay in Smögen.
Stage 5: Hållö to Lysekil, 33 km incl. 4 km swimming
The stage started with an exposed swim from Hållö to Stenskär and after some island jumping we reached Fisketången and Hovenäset. Through Soteleden(hiking trail) we made our way further in the inner archipelago. Long swim between Grötö and  Lindholmen before we finished with the stage destination Lysekil via longer distances.

Overnight stay Lysekil.

Stage 6: Lysekil to Mollösund, 30 km incl. 4.5 km swimming
The stage started with a long swim from Lysekil towards Fiskebäckskil. We then made our way running to Grundsund and Islandsberg. Then there was mixed islands in the inner archipelago on the inside Härmanö. Via more vulnerable islands outside Hälleviksstrand we ended with a longer run to the stage goal in Mollösund.

Overnight Mollösund.

Stage 7: Mollösund to Marstrand, 33 km incl. 7 km swimming
The stage started in Mollösund on Orust and that took us over to Tjörn via Björholmen. Then we ran across Härön and made our way down to Skärhamn and continued via the islands outside down to Rönnäng. We swam over to Dyrön, running across the island before another long swim over to Koön. Nice run on Koön and a swim over to Marstrand finished the stage.

August 21-22 – last 2 sections

Stage 8: Marstrand to Vinga, 37 km incl. 14 km swimming
The stage that concludes the adventure is the most challenging yet with a full 14 km of swimming. It starts with us getting to Klöverön and then shorter swimrun on the islands south. Two long swims are harvested before we disserge on Rörö in Gothenburg’s northern archipelago. Via Hyppeln, Öckerö, Hönö and Fotö we are approaching the destination. The last bit out towards Vinga is exposed and also contains the most swimming of all challenge so we will be tired when we finally set foot on the final goal Vinga. Overnight stay and party at Vinga.

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