Energy stations at Catalina

We will have energy and liquid stations along the course as marked in the course maps and in the Times & Distance documents. We will serve fruits and snacks at the energy stations. We will [...]

Weather in Catalina

In the end of March the island is green and the wild flowers are blooming. It is beautiful. Like everywhere we can have wind, rain and un-seasonably cold weather, make sure you bring clothes to [...]

Media production in Catalina

During each race we make a big media production for social media and traditional media. You will see photographers, reporters and film teams along the course. If you have any personal media [...]

Cut offs in Catalina

The ÖTILLÖ Experience does not have any cut-offs. The ÖTILLÖ Sprint has one (1) cut-off: Isthmus Harbor Beach at 14:00 The ÖTILLÖ World Series has three (3) cut-offs. These are for your safety: [...]

Race briefing in Catalina

During the 2021/ 2022 season we have a general online briefing for each distance. You can find it here. This will be mandatory to watch. For each event there is a specific RACE [...]

Registration in Catalina

Registration ÖTILLÖ Sprint & Experience Saturday, March 19th, 9:15 AM-10:45 AM at the Reef Restaurant in Two Harbors. Registration ÖTILLÖ World Series Saturday, March 19th, 2:30 PM – [...]

Accommodation in Catalina

As a racer you and the persons who might be traveling with you have a 10% discount at the Island Company hotel properties. These include the following hotels: Pavillion Hotel, Avalon Hotel [...]