Travel to the start hotel

On September 1st we have chartered buses to take you to Djurönäset where all teams register and sleep the night before the race.
The buses leave at 14:15 CET from the Stockholm Central bus station Cityterminalen. In the bus station you will find ÖTILLÖ on the departure board to be able to find the berth that they leave from.
The buses are only for racers and for those who have bought Spectator packages.
Make sure that you are on time. The buses can be loaded from 14:00 and will not wait.

Return to Stockholm

There are two different chartered ferries to return with; Monday evening at 21:30 or Tuesday morning at 09:30 to Årsta brygga where buses awaits to take you to Stockholm C.
See more information under “Chartered ferries” below.

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