Gothenburg is Swedens second largest city. You can easily reach Gothenburg by plane, train and by car.

In Gothenburg most ferries to the Race area at Styrsö Bratten leave from Saltholmen. The easiest way to see the time tables and to pay for your ferry ticket is by downloading the Västtrafik To Go app. You cannot buy your ticket on the ferry. We strongly suggest that you go to Saltholmen with public transportation as it is hard to find parking there.

You can also take the ferries from Stenpiren, in the city center next to Hotel Riverton, to the start at Styrsö Bratten.

There will be two extra ferries going to Styrsö Bratten from Stenpiren on the race day:

Departure from Stenpiren at 07:30, arrival at Styrsö Bratten 08:30
Departure from Stenpiren at 09:00, arrival at Styrsö Bratten 10:00

The fee for all ferries are the same.

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