We will be producing a massive LIVE WEBCAST from 05:45 – 18:00 during the race which your friends and family can follow on facebook and/ or youtube.

We will also have a LIVE page where you can follow a leaderboard and all our social media plattforms funneled to one place. Please make sure you share these plattforms with your friends and family.

Please also use and follow the hashtag #otillo so you can find everything that is being posted in twitter and instagram.

If you have any newspapers, magazines or media contacts that want to write about your race please contact Josefine as she is coordinating all PR with text, images and news cuts.

After the race you will find images of your racing that you are free to share on our flickr page and you will find the Official video one week after the race on our Youtube and facebook page.

If you want to share your training and race data we would love to look at it on our Strava.

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