The start and finish for all races is located next to the ferry terminal at Styrsö Bratten.

To get to Styrsö Bratten you take the ferry from Saltholmen or Stenpiren in Gothenburg, please see the ferry schedules below.

Saltholmen you can access via tram or with your own car. Parking is difficult and is only possible at Långedrag, a good 15- minute walk from the ferry terminal. Stenpiren is located in the City centre.

Ferries from Saltholmen to Styrsö Bratten, Saturday August 6th

07:54 – 08:21, ferry route 282
09:20 – 09:47, ferry route 282
10:26 – 10:52, ferry route 281
10:46 – 11:12, ferry route 282

These can also be found in the Västtrafik travel planner.

Ferries from Stenpiren to Styrsö Bratten, Saturday August 6th

07:30 – 08:30, chartered ferry
09:00 – 10:00, chartered ferry

These are extra ferries and will not be shown in the travel planner above.

You pay for your trip in the Västtrafik To Go app by credit card or Swish.

You have to be in the start box 15 minutes before start for a short race update.
Toilets are available by the finish line at Styrsö Bratten and in the changing rooms at the school at Time 1.

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