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”ÖTILLÖ has opened up a completely new world for me in terms of nature, friendship and challenges!”

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Desirée Andersson – ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Champion 2019

What do you like most about Swimrun?

The perfect combination of exercising and exploring beautiful places without any limitations since you move through both water and over land. You also do it together with someone else which makes it even better!

How does Swimrun make you a better person in your everyday life?

It makes me enjoy and value nature more, motivates me and helps me set goals in both my athletic and personal life.

If you could choose anyone you want as a partner (nobody you raced with before) for an ÖTILLÖ Swimrun race, who would it be?

I have been so lucky with all my swimrun partners, guess I just had the best ones! There is someone I have raced with before but not in an ÖTILLÖ race, who I know would be a really good partner. But if I have to choose someone I haven’t done a swimrun with I would pick Lisa Nordén (Swedish Pro Triathlete) to do it with me! There was a time when we were really synchronized in open water swimming and it would be so fun to do an ÖTILLÖ race with her.

-What is your favorite meal the night before a Swimrun race?

I actually try to eat just what I normally eat. Nothing special and no surprises, but a pasta dish is what I prefer.

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