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Together with our very good friends at Norseman we are involved in a cold water research project. At ÖTILLÖ Utö we will monitor a group of teams to see how they are affected by the in and out of cold water. Jörgen Melau, responsible for the project explains it the best in his own words:

“We are a Norwegian research group which do research on the physiology effects of extreme endurance races.”

What is this study about?

The aim of our study at ÖTILLÖ Utö is to measure how the body core temperature is affected by the race. Body core temperature will be measured with an ingestible core temperature pill (e-Celcius, Bodycap, France). You will swallow the pill approximately two hours prior to start of the race. Your core temperature will be measured continuously by the pill during the race. After the race, we will download the data on the pill, by holding a monitor near your body. The pill is safe to use, and has been used in several studies before. In addition, you will be asked to answer a short questionnaire (5-10 min), about your demography and training. We also aim to record your heart rate during the race.

About the research group

Jørgen Melau is a trained rescue paramedic with ten years of experience from the Air Ambulance Service. He is also chief of medical crew at the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon. He now is a PhD student at University of Oslo and does research in cold water exposure on humans. He has done 6 Ironman races.

Maria Mathiassen is a physician in the cardiology department of Telemark Hospital Skien medical clinic. Mathiassen is interested in the cardiac response to extreme endurance races.

Jonny Hisdal is a researcher and physiologist, and head of the circulation physiological laboratory at Oslo University Hospital. He is a 10 times Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon finisher.

If you want to be part of the test group or have more questions regarding the study, please contact us on e-mail [email protected]. You will then receive additional info about the study.

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