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We are very proud to present BE WTR as a new event partner for ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Utö in May. BE WTR’s mission is to fight the use of single-use plastic bottles. 

If you think of it, plastic bottles filled with water, that are found in supermarkets around the world, travel a lot more to get there than we do. The water is many times bottled in far away mountain regions, transported long distances in lorries and planes to eventually end up being served at your dinner table. Crazy if you think about it.  

 If we can put an end to these disposable bottles, and the consumption behavior behind it, we will reduce a large amount of CO2 emissions.

BE WTR upgrades your tap water

BE WTR upgrades your tap water, filter it and serves it chilled, still or sparkling. You can tailor the BE WTR system for offices, restaurants and private use. The result is a better, fresher water where all the bad stuff –  like pollutants and micro-plastics – are filtered out, but the healthy minerals are kept in. Did you know that we on average drink the equivalent of a credit card in micro-plastics in a week?

BE WTR is part of the initiative 1% for the Planet. Through them BE WTR works with local, water-related projects on each market. Since years they have a close collaboration with Initiativ Utö.  A non-profit organization on Utö that is on a mission to preserve and improve the water in the Baltic Sea. 

The actual water where we swim.

For ÖTILLÖ Swimrun the fit is perfect as we both feel that the well-being of humans and the well-being of nature should be a priority and that these two missions go hand in hand.

You will get a chance to meet BE WTR at Utö in May.

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