ÖTILLÖ Experience Utö

May 21st, 2022
The start of the Swedish Swimrun season and a tribute to the origin of the sport.
Utö and its surrounding islands will provide the scene for great races along [...]

ÖTILLÖ Sprint Utö

May 21st & 22nd, 2022
This race course is constant motion between land and water. It follows the footsteps of the origin of our sport.
It is the start of the Swedish Swimrun [...]

ÖTILLÖ World Series Utö

May 22nd, 2022
This ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series race course is the ultimate description of swimrun and how the sport got started. Lots of varied runs in all sorts of terrain and many, [...]

Registration at Gothenburg

The registration for the World Series, Sprint & Experience races is in the Race tent at Styrsö Bratten. All racers have to come to the registration to collect the Start pack, you need to pick [...]

Weather at Gothenburg

In the beginning of August it is the height of the summer in Gothenburg. Water temperatures area round 18 degrees C. Like everywhere we can have wind, rain and un-seasonably cold weather. Make [...]

Media production at Gothenburg

During each race we make a big media production for social media and traditional media. You will see photographers, reporters and film teams along the course. If you have any personal media [...]

Cut offs at Gothenburg

The ÖTILLÖ Experience does not have any cut-offs. The ÖTILLÖ Sprint has one (1) cut-off. This is for your safety: Brännö Kyrka at 12:40 The ÖTILLÖ World Series has four (4) cut-offs. This is for [...]

Energy stations at Gothenburg

We will have energy and liquid stations along the course as marked in the course map. We will serve fruits and snacks at the energy stations. We will have water and electrolytes by Precision [...]