ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Malta

November 6-7th, 2021
Malta is a melting pot of many cultures. From the Saracen to the Knights templar, with amazing cultural buildings and heritage. In April the water is still warm and [...]

ÖTILLÖ Sprint Catalina

March 19th, 2022
This ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint has everything. Fast-paced fire roads, epic swims, a big nature experience and a fantastic atmosphere. It can be as hard as you want it to be.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Catalina

March 19-20st, 2022
Catalina Island is like a dream. An island just 21 nautical miles off the California coast with endless outdoor and Swimrun possibilities. A rugged island with a [...]

ÖTILLÖ Experience Utö

May 21st, 2022
The start of the Swedish Swimrun season and a tribute to the origin of the sport.
Utö and its surrounding islands will provide the scene for great races along [...]

ÖTILLÖ Sprint Utö

May 21st, 2022
This race course is constant motion between land and water. It follows the footsteps of the origin of our sport.
It is the start of the Swedish Swimrun season and [...]