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In 2006 Michael Lemmel and Mats Skott took the crazy idea of running and swimming through the islands to heart and made it into the immense and intense race of today. They felt that idea of this race was going to work with their deep experience of pushing it to the limit. They are the founders of Swimrun movement around the world. Understanding the soul of endurance sports and their extensive knowledge of event management has made ÖTILLÖ the experience of today.

Michael and Mats have pioneered the Scandinavian Endurance scene since the early 1990’s. At first they competed in Ski- Alpinisme, then created the Swedish cup in Ski- Alpinisme before becoming the first Adventure Racing team in Scandinavia. For 13 years they were part of the best teams in the world and competed in more than 70 races all over.

The ÖTILLÖ team is connected to the original bet through Anders Malm and Utö Värdshus.

ÖTILLÖ is now more than just one race, it has become the pinnacle of Swimrun and the cherished World Championship in a series of ÖTILLÖ Swimrun races throughout the year.

In 2015, in our 10th anniversary year, we created a joint company, Swimrun AG together with Tridem Sports AG to manage and finance the growth of ÖTILLÖ Swimrun on a world-wide level.

ÖTILLÖ is about living outside of the box!

ÖTILLÖ is not just Michael and Mats anymore, it is dependent on a whole team of passionate people who with their energy and enthusiasm make it all happen.