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We are extremely excited that we are just moments away from launching the 2020 season which will be our 15th year of doing swimrun races.

We will start with the massive ÖTILLÖ CATALINA weekend off the coast of California. We are very proud to have some of the top names in the US and in Europe coming together with a big group of racers planning to celebrate swimrun with us.

We are switching to a new registration system which will make entering our races easier. Read more about it and lots of other news below.

We sincerely look forward to seeing you very soon again. It has been too long!

The ÖTILLÖ team


We have changed the registration system for all our races. We hope that this will make the race entry process better for everyone.

Please go to and create your new profile to make your next race registration easier.

If you are already registered to an ÖTILLÖ race, your entry will be transferred to Please note that it could take a while before seeing your team in the Start list as we are updating everything line by line. Do not worry you will not be lost along the way!

More information to already registered racers will come shortly.

The switch to has been done today.


On February 6th we presented the teams that qualified to ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship 2020 via ranking and via director’s choice. See the start list here.  A huge congratulations to all teams on the list!

The only way left to qualify for this years race is via direct qualification at ÖTILLÖ Catalina, ÖTILLÖ Hvar, ÖTILLÖ Utö, ÖTILLÖ Isles of Scilly or at ÖTILLÖ Engadin. See the races here.

We still have some teams that will qualify via 7/24 by the end of Engadin and if not, these few spots will be distributed via a lottery in the middle of July. See all the info about this here.


The biggest group of teams that will qualify to ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship in 2021 and beyond are those with Swimrun ranking points.

You collect Swimrun ranking points at all ÖTILLÖ World Series races and at all ÖTILLÖ Merit races. In 2020 we finally have enough races in Europe and the US that teams in Europe can race in Europe and collect enough points. The same applies for teams in the Americas that you can collect enough points with the races in the US and the one in Brazil. NOTE: We are only referring to the ranking system

Read about Swimrun ranking and all races where you collect ranking points here.


We require all racers to have a valid insurance when signing up to a race with us. This is to protect you if you have an accident before or during the races.

We still have lots of teams that contact us for refunds and deferrals due to pre-race injuries and similar. We offer an extremely good insurance that is valid for our races and for all ÖTILLÖ merit races, no others. You can either buy the insurance for one race or for the season and it is a very cheap way to secure your investment.

Read more about the terms of the insurance and find it here.

NOTE: you can have any insurance that covers you when racing in Swimrun, you do not have to have ours.


At all our race weekends we have a #Cleantheocean event where we go out and pick garbage together. This year we are involving the local communities more and will have school children joining us in Catalina and in Hvar to start with.

In Hvar we will also make a workshop with a local artist where we will build art installations with some of the garbage we find, make sure you bring your children too.

On Fridays we will also have a social swimrun in the afternoon which is open for anyone with the purpose to do an activity together without the pressure of racing. Bring your children if you want.

In the early evening, we will have a social drink for those on location so we can chat, catch up with each other and have some laughs before everyone gets all serious during the rest of the weekend. This is open for you, your friends and family. Please join us.


We work together with some great companies.

ARK – have the most innovative line of wetsuits and swimrun accessories with some great additions.They have everything in stock for the season already now. Check them out here.

VIVOBAREFOOT – To improve your running skills you need to strengthen your feet. Vivobarefoot has everything you need to start walking before you run and beyond.

Precision Hydration – This is the electrolyte hydration we supply in our races since it helps to prevent cramps and has a very neutral taste. Try the sweat test and the products here before you race.

Crownhealth – The Swiss nutrition company which is all vegan, all natural and organic. We share very similar values and we have products from them at our races. More importantly they have a great blog with lots of nutritional tips for your training and for your every day life. Check them out here and also use the discount code: OTILLO20 if you decide to shop.

Gococo – The famous ÖTILLÖ compression sock that will hold your legs together during training and racing. Find out more here.


Vivobarefoot ARK Swimrun Mr Green


Gococo Precision Hydration Crownhealth


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