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August 26th, 2020

Pre-race press release

A new Covid-19 adjusted ÖTILLÖ race this weekend


After the very disappointing news that the Swedish authorities would not allow the 2020 World Championship we are very happy to host a new version of ÖTILLÖ Sprint Final15K.

We have designed a new race course that will show the fantastic trails of the island of Utö, the small, rugged skerries to the North and some spectacular swims. Even though the course is only 12,5 km long it has a total of twelve swims and thirteen runs. It will be a total immersion in nature.

As the Swedish regulations only allow 50 persons on the course at the same time we have set up three starts on Saturday and three starts on Sunday which will accommodate a total of 300 racers. These span World Champions to newcomers. You can follow the races online here.

This new format also adds another aspect which is that we will not know the outcome of the races until the last start on Sunday, only after that race will we know who has won.

Overall results will be found here.

This will be a celebration of Swimrun!

utö – birthplace of swimrun

15 years ago the first ÖTILLÖ race was conceived and finished by Utö Värdshus on the island of Utö. It was the start of what later became the sport of Swimrun, which now is all over the world.

The island of Utö is in the Southern part of the Stockholm Archipelago, in the Municipality of Haninge and within 90 minutes of the Stockholm city centre. The island has a small, year-round population and a long history. The rugged Eastern coast, the trails and the loving atmosphere makes this the ideal place for Swimrun.

ÖTILLÖ and Swimrun

Swimrun is the new, up and coming endurance sport growing all over the world where you alternate trail running and open-water swimming along a marked course.

ÖTILLÖ started in 2006, it is the leading brand and the origin of the sport. ÖTILLÖ is Swimrun.

ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship (ÖTILLÖ meaning island to island in Swedish) is the original swimrun race, renowned as one of the toughest one-day races in the world.

Images with free rights available for media

On Sunday, August 30th after 18:00 CET images with free media rights will be available here:

Images from 2019 available here:

Please credit the name of the photographer (found in the image name) /ÖTILLÖ

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