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Cucumber. The story of Crownhealth story began with the birth of its exclusive 100% natural active ingredient, Actido™, pure cucumber extract, known for its effective anti-inflammatory action.

A full-scale clinical trial has proven its benefits and efficacy in improving exercise performance, muscular endurance and in promoting a faster and complete recovery.

“We appreciate the hidden values inside endurance athletes,” says Crownhealth Co-founder and Managing Director Simona Ino. “The sacrifice, the commitment, a deep connection with nature and the challenge of pushing your limits, day after day.”

After studying the sports nutrition market, Crownhealth decided to create an innovative science-based nutrition program that caters to the endurance athlete, providing to their specific needs from dawn to dusk. “The wide-ranging number of products out there is confusing. You don’t need so many supplements, so many artificial substances, so much protein, or sweetener that replace carbohydrates …

“What you do need is a balanced and various diet that supplies all the essential micro- and macro- nutrients to your body, and a proper training program. Especially as long and intense workout sessions can lead to painful states of inflammation and a reduction in immune response.”

Crownhealth’s philosophy translates into sports nutrition absent of additives, colorants, GMO, and preservatives, as well as being gluten-free, soy-free, and without added sugar or maltodextrin.

Moreover, with a deep love and respect for nature and animals, the company believes that everyone needs to do their part to reduce animal cruelty and to improve the sustainability of our planet: “all of our products are 100% and strictly vegan”.

The Swiss-based company’s specialised nutritional program for endurance training offers four simple and convenient steps dedicated to a precise moment of the day – whether it be pre-workout, mid-workout, post-workout or end of the day.

The entire 4-step program is based on their patented active ingredient Actido, as well as the vegan probiotic Mamoru, also developed by Crownhealth, to ensure proper absorption of bioactives and superfoods at different times of the day and at different phases of training.

Step 1: FORCE

Start your day by preparing your body with a clinically-tested dietary supplement capsule for joint, bone, muscle health and strength for more intense and lasting workouts, and faster recovery time.


These are not just bars, but researched and balanced recipes to provide immediate energy to compensate for the exhaustion of muscle reserves and to counter fatigue.

Practical for sports like mountaineering, hiking, skiing or cycling, each bar contains some 200Kcal and 23g of sugars derived exclusively from dehydrated fruit and vegetables. The few ingredients provide antioxidant micronutrients, useful in counteracting oxidative stress due to intense effort.


Protein is essential to maintain good muscle mass and promote recovery, as well as being useful in counteracting catabolism during long activities, such as ultra-cycling or ultra-trail.

According to guidelines for endurance athletes, protein requirement is defined between 1.2-1.6g/kg per day. It’s recommended to alternate vegetable protein sources with animal sources, which, in the case of athletes, often results in consuming large quantities of legumes or oil seeds, which are not always tolerated in the intestines and ,as they are rich in anti-nutrients, they can limit the bioavailability of protein.

This is why Crownhealth created the plant-based 3Restore powder that includes a complete profile of all essential amino acids, which is formulated for post-workout recovery to favour protein synthesis and muscle glycogen resynthesis.

A 50g 3Restore bar contains 10g of vegetable protein, complete with all the essential amino acids, and can be used during long physical activity but also as a pre-workout or any-time-of-day snack.

Step 4: SHIELD

The shield for your wellbeing lies in your gastrointestinal health and immune system. Crownhealth believes that endurance athletes should pay attention not just to their muscles and joints but also to their bowels. As gastrointestinal health and the immune system is extremely important too, they’ve developed an innovative pro-biotic based product, aptly named 4SHIELD, that takes care of balancing the intestinal microflora.

“Our motto is Stay Active,” says Simona. “This motto is devoted to everyone who, like us, believes that physical exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle, inner-balance and happiness – as is a balanced diet.
“Crownhealth’s program complements and improves your normal eating habits, in a fully natural way, and has been developed to improve your performance, taking care of you from morning to evening … and then some.”

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Article first published in Swimrun Life Magazine Issue #6 (March 2018)

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