Kristin Larsson – Sweden

” ÖTILLÖ has set a new way of moving fast through nature, no matter the terrain”. Kristin Larsson – Course record holder at ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship in 2018 […]

Markus Rössel – Germany

“The ÖTILLÖ organization not only managed to translate this foolish bet into one of the most iconic and outstanding endurance competitions, they also accomplish to set and keep setting [...]

Mats Skott – Sweden

“To me ÖTILLÖ is Swimrun. It also means loving my job, organizing Swimrun races and creating very nice experiences for our participants.” What do you like most about being the […]

Fanny Ahlfors – Sweden

”ÖTILLÖ and Swimrun feels like a fun adventure. You get to explore new and amazing places that you never should have seen before.” What do you like most about Swimrun? […]