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…Emilia Molin, designated Global Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer at BE WTR


1. Describe your background and your new role at BE WTR?

I like new challenges and I find it more fun to say yes than no. This has led me to do various things, where communication and engagement always have played important roles. I started out in advertising, as a copywriter, and opened my first own communication agency in 2007. In 2015, the Dutch NGO War Child was looking for someone to set up the organisation in Sweden, and amazingly they gave me the opportunity. After four years I felt I wanted to go back to the business side, to drive change. A recruiter told me about BE WTR, and I absolutely loved the idea. BE WTR is such a clever answer to one of the world’s biggest problems – single use plastics. I am now transitioning from my role as Nordic Managing Director, to become responsible for the sustainability and marketing on all our markets. Super exciting!


2. BE WTR is a fairly young company, can you tell us more about its story and mission?

BE WTR was founded by the Swiss businessman Mike Hecker, who has an impressive background with, amongst others, Nespresso and Eden Springs. He has sustainability at heart, and as a mountaineer he sees first-hand what is happening to the glaciers. Mike came up with the brilliant idea to build the first water brand based on your local tap water, and by that eliminating single use plastics, transport and waste. Since we also filter the water and take out impurities – like rust and pollutants – the hydration is purer. It’s better water- for you and the planet! We are part of 1% of the planet and collaborate with water related projects on every market.


3. Can you give us some details on the size of the plastic problem the world is facing?

Humans use the incredible amount of about 1,2 million plastic bottles PER MINUTE! 91% of the plastic is not recycled. We simply must change the way we live! (Source)


4. What has BE WTR achieved so far?

BE WTR is still at the beginning, and yet we make a big impact. Companies, hotels, restaurants, private persons. We all know we need to live more sustainable. But it can be hard to know where to start. Then we come with this clever solution that gives you a fresher, more tasty water that is also kind on the planet and lessens the CO2 emissions in a big way. That is something to be proud of!


5. Can you give us an example of a typical / successful project of BE WTR?

Last year we were invited to Dubai, to speak about BE WTR at the World Expo. We stayed at a lovely hotel, where they – at the time- imported millions of plastic bottles of water every year. A couple of weeks ago, I was back at that very same hotel. They now have BE WTR in every room! It was very emotional to see. Thanks to our on-site bottling solution BIG, they can serve their guests fresh, locally bottled water in reusable glass bottles. No transport, no plastic, no waste! And sorry if it gets long, but I really must mention that our BE WTR Aqtiv One tap, won a Red Dot Award last week. How cool is that? The Aqtiv technology gives the water a much fresher mouthfeel. Like when you drink directly from a creek, out in the wild. (See also)


6. In Europe, can one not just drink tap water?

You can, in most places. But the water still contains things that you don’t want in your body, especially not if you are an athlete, like pollutants – chemicals, pesticides, bacteria etc. We filter them out and leave the good minerals in.


7. What can be done with regards to microplastic in the water?

When I started, four years ago, we always got the question why we need to filter the water. Now private persons call us every week and want a solution. In most cases it is because of the microplastics. And yes, we take the filtration part very seriously. Our BE WTR ultrafiltration catches both micro and nano particles of plastic.


8. What is your goal for the partnership with ÖTILLÖ?

We absolutely love ÖTILLÖ! The atmosphere, the tight-knit community, the closeness to nature. We are proud to be part of the events and to serve BE WTR to all participants. When we got home from the first race of the season on Utö, my colleague Zacke described it to the team as a ”very fun day”. That’s not a given, when you have to wake up super early and work 12 hours on a Saturday 🙂 It feels like ÖTILLÖ and BE WTR have the same values. We care about the planet, and so do all of you. Down the line we of course want you all to remember us when it’s time to upgrade your workplaces or homes with fresh, filtered water, with or without bubbles.


9. You are also involved with Initiativ Utö, what is your connection here?

As mentioned, we are part of 1% for the Planet and through them, we support local, water related projects. We of course donate money, but we also visit the projects with our teams and work hands on every year. In Sweden we collaborate very closely with Initativ Utö. What the founders Robert Cederlund and Thomas Hjelm do is fantastic. They restore the wetlands at Utö in order for pike and perch to grow back and balance the over-fertilisation in the Baltic Sea. Everybody should support them! I hope you all will. Just do it!


10. Have you done a Swimrun yourself? 

I am truly a horrible, horrible runner. So, no. If it was only the swimming part, I would give it a try. But last year our CFO Therese tried the Experience Race and won! That was impressive! I am just happy to wait for you all by the finish line with fresh, delicious water. Because you all really deserve it!


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