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ÖTILLÖ, the origin of swimrun, was born in the Stockholm archipelago.
We organise swimrun races for everyone from elite to beginners.

Unique races in unique places

Welcome to ÖTILLÖ Swimrun

Welcome to ÖTILLÖ Swimrun

Unique races in unique places

ÖTILLÖ, the origin of swimrun, was born in the Stockholm archipelago. We organise swimrun races for everyone from elite to beginners.

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ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Final 15k

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Final 15K – Sprint

29 - 30th August, 2020
ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint Final15 is open for everyone.
The course follows the legendary last 15 km of the original ÖTILLÖ course with island hopping, exposed swims, protected swims, rocks and amazing trails.
This race has everything a swimrun race should have.

SWIM (12)
2 450 m

RUN (13)
10 250 m

58 m

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Utö – Sprint

September 26th, 2020
This race course is constant motion between land and water. It follows the footsteps of the origin of our sport.
It is the start of the Swedish Swimrun season and a perfect reason to get started early.

SWIM (9)
2 900 m

RUN (10)
10 900 m

154 m

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Utö – World Series

September 27th, 2020
This ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series race course is the ultimate description of swimrun and how the sport got started. Lots of varied runs in all sorts of terrain and many, short intense swims. There is no better place to start the Swedish season.

SWIM (20)
5 770 m

RUN (21)
36 030 m

420 m

Race distances

Experience Races

The EXPERIENCE races are short, fun, entry-level swimrun experiences for anyone.

These races are between 5-7 km long. The courses are fun with easy swims and easy runs. The EXPERIENCE races are for those completely new to the sport or those wanting a pleasant experience.

There are no cut-offs in the EXPERIENCE races.

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Sprint Races

The word SPRINT eludes to the distance compared to a WORLD SERIES race, not necessarily to the speed.

These races are between 15-17 km long. They are designed to be fun and challenging in similar terrain as the WORLD SERIES races but with less exposed swims. This is where beginners and top racers meet.

There is usually one cut-off early on in the race.

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World Series Races

These races serve as qualifiers to ÖTILLÖ, THE SWIMRUN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP and also as the ultimate regional swimrun challenge.

The races are long and hard where you can expect to be out anywhere from 5-9 hours.
You need to be prepared for real open-water swims and for some sections of challenging trail-running.

These races have several cut-offs.

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