ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Weekend Utö

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Utö – May 20, 2018
Jakob Edholm
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About ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Utö

This is a challenging yet beautiful race. The varied course, the water temperature and the very strong group of participants will challenge everyone to put in their best performances.

The weather in this period can really be anything from a nice summer day to a cold, hard day out. Be mentally prepared for the worst and enjoy the best.

The water is clear and crisp with some sections around 10 degrees C, therefore none of the swim sections are very long. Dress smart!

The course

The seed that started ÖTILLÖ was planted by Anders Malm (Owner of Utö Värdshus) and the Utö Brothers (Jesper and Mats Andersson), this course is in tribute to them and it represents some of their training courses.

The race course is beautiful and challenging. The start and finish is down in the harbour below Utö Värdshus. The running is mostly trail running and the sections are very varied. They are on dirt roads, single tracks, cliffs and rocks, completely off-road and with some challenging short, steep sections to climb. Those who will manage the whole course will have a magical experience.

The open water swim sections are many, most of them are relatively short. There is one long swim which can be adjusted due to water temperatures and waves. Some are protected and some are very exposed. Prepare for some rock n roll swimming. Utö Swimrun will be won by the team that is the fastest in and out of the water. There are several energy stations along the course.

The race course is approximately 43 km long of which 37,6 km is trail running and almost 5,2 km are open water swimming. There are around 19 swim sections and the longest is close to 600 metres (it will be longer if the weather and water temperature permits).

Course details

Total race distance 42 820 m
Trail-running 37 655 m
Swimming 5 165 m
Swim sections 19
Longest swim 600 m
Longest run 6 670 m

Times and distances chart
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The qualifying system

8 teams qualify to the following ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship; The first 3 men, the first 3 mixed and the first 2 women teams where NO ONE already has a spot. If the teams choose to not accept their spot it will roll down to the next team under the same criteria.


ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Weekend Utö – Welcome to the birth place of Swimrun!

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