ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Isles of Scilly

The ÖTILLÖ UK Qualifier
Saturday, June 17th 2017 (planned date pending final approval)

The Isles of Scilly is a place which we did not think existed. It looks like the lost world of Atlantis with clear, beautiful water, pristine beaches and ancient stone walls. For us it is a dream come true after searching in many places for our home in the UK. This race will be tough and it will be spectacular!

8 teams will qualify to the following ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship.

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About ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Isles of Scilly

The UK is very important to us and we have a need to make a course that will be fantastic. Thanks to previous ÖTILLÖ racer Roland Kelly we found the Isles of Scilly. In the summer of 2015 Roland posted a video of a training trip he had done in the Scilly Isles. We could not let the impression of the video go. Where was this?
After talking to Roland and making some more investigations we had found our home in the UK. The Isles of Scilly, what a mind-blowing place.

The Isles of Scilly are off the south-west tip of England, in the Atlantic. They have been inhabited since the Stone Age and is a mythical place. All in all 140 islands of which five are inhabited. At times, when low tide is low, you can walk between islands. Exceptional beauty and a pristine environment where the power of the Ocean is never far away!

8 teams qualify to the following ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship; The first 3 men, the first 3 mixed and the first 2 women teams where NO ONE already has a spot. If the teams choose to not accept their spot it will roll down to the next team under the same criteria.

Photo: Mats Skott
Mats Skott

The course

This race course will be tough and it will be spectacular. We want to increase the level of Open-water Swimming in our races and here we can, almost 25% of Swimming.

This is Swimrun in its true adventure sense. The start and finish will be in Hugh Town on St.Mary and we will race to and around the big islands of St.Martin’s, Tresco and Bryher, passing magical small, uninhabited islets.

The swimming sections will test your abilities and your mental strength as there is a large tidal difference and you will most likely encounter big ocean- swell. There will be a minimum of 8 swims and the longest swim will be around 2 000 metres. The running sections will be fast with some sections on loose sand and some on rocky outcrops. You need to be fast on land and strong in the water!

The total winning time will be close to five hours. We will have one cut-off for safety reasons and the longest time on the course will be close to 9 hours. There will of course, be plenty of safety, energy stations in pubs and medical staff on call.

The total distance will be between 40 – 45 km depending on the final course. The course can change in last minute as this is a race in a very weather sensitive area and it can be large waves and strong winds.

Get ready to explore a magical place with beautiful beaches, rugged trails, friendly people and massive swims. This is epic!

Get ready for an awesome adventure!

Course details

Total race distance 37 500 m
Trail-running 29 975 m
Swimming 7 525 m
Swim sections 9
Longest swim 2 340 m m
Longest run 7 200 m

Times and distances chart
Course map

Photo: Mats Skott
Mats Skott


Friday, June 17th 2016
16:00Registration and race bib distribution opens at Holgate’s Green, Hugh Town, St Mary’s
18:00MANDATORY Race briefing at Holgate’s green, Hugh Town, St Mary’s
Saturday, June 18th 2016
Race day – Race day if the ocean permits
10:00Start in Hugh Town, Lower Strand
14:40Cut-off at Karma Hotel St. Martin
15:15First teams expected to finish
15:25Cut-off at Perpitch Beach
18:15Last teams across the line
Sunday, June 19th 2016
Reserve day
12:30Race briefing and registration ÖTILLÖ Sprint Isles of Scilly
14:00Start of ÖTILLÖ Sprint Hugh Town, Lower Strand
16:00First team across the finish
17:15Last teams across the line
18:00Prize giving and Closing party for ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Isles of Scilly, Holgate’s Green
Photo: Mats Skott
Mats Skott


ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Isles of Scilly is an awesome race with a limited amount of spots.


A total distance of 14,5 km, with 9 runs and 8 swims.
Read about and register to ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint Isles of Scilly

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